Lesson # 7: Energy Manipulation

I believe that many of you could use this lesson and have expressed that you would like to have it. So here goes. I'll do my best to explain to you how to draw and channel energy so that you will be able to make your spells and rituals much more effective. This is something that will definitely help you in casting a circle because it requires energy manipulation to creat a circle. I am going to lead you through some simple exercises that should help you learn how to do this.

When you first start, get yourself in a relaxed sitting position. Breath deeply but comfortably and relax. When you feel really relaxed, rub your hands together rapidly for about 15 - 20 seconds. Stop and hold your hands a few inches apart. You should feel vibrations between your hands. Let yourself feel the little ball of energy in your hands. Use your mind to make it rotate. You should feel it moving in a circular motion between your hands. Then when you're ready put your hands back against your body and let the energy flow back into you. This is the easiest way to start learning it.

Once you have gotten to where you can feel this everytime you do it, then you can play with the ball of energy. Instead of just spinning the ball, move it from one hand to the other. With practice, you will be able to move it around back and forth.

When you feel comfortable with the two previous exercises, instead of rubbing your hands together, sit quietly as you would before. Let yourself feel the energy from the Earth come up through your feet into your body and out into your hands. You will it so. Now feel it fill your hands as before with an energy ball. It takes practice to feel it but you will. You have to open yourself to the energies around you and within you. Continue to practice this one until you can really feel the energy ball between your hands everytime.

Once you have all of this down, now you can practice using the energy and directing it. I want you to cast a simple circle of light and take it down again. Just the circle of energy. Standing, allow yourself to relax and then pull the energy from beneath you into your projective ( the hand you write with) which is outstretched at waist level. When you feel the energy in your hand start at the north or east direction and go in a clockwise motion slowly pushing the energy out of your hand into the circle. As you do this, say naught but love shall enter and naught but love shall leave this circle of light. As you come back to the point that you started at, let yourself feel the circle form around you into a sphere. It completely surrounds you and you should feel the energy move around you. Sit quietly in the middle and just let yourself feel, talk to the Deities if you like, and try to visualize the energy light of the circle. It may look like faint blue, yellow, or white light surrounding you. With practice, you will feel and see it. Our next lesson will be about visualization to help you in that area as well. Once you are through inside the circle, now take it down. You do this by standing at the point that you started with your projective hand outstretched at waist level and walking clockwise around the circle again slowly. Let yourself feel the energy drawing back into you as you go around and back to where you started. Say as you do this Naught but love has entered and naught but love shall leave this circle of light...This circle is now released. That's it. I will get into full circle casting including calling the quarters and such in a later lesson. This is enough to get you started.

Your assignment is to practice these techniques until you can feel the energy. I would like you to discuss your progress in the class club or through the submission form. Please ask me any questions about this and most of all, be patient with yourself. You will be able to do this with time and practice.

Brightest Blessings,


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