Lesson # 4: The Book Of Shadow

Assignment # 4: The Book of Shadows

I know that there are some who would like to continue our discussion of the Deities and we will again soon but I feel that we should talk about the Book of Shadows for the next lesson.

The Book of Shadows is a very important part of Wiccan practice. Some of you may already have one and that is fine but there are others who are really new who probably haven't started one and don't really know what to put in it. This lesson is especially important for those who haven't made your Book yet and may give those of you who already have one some new ideas.

Making your Book of Shadows is an enjoyable activity as well as a very personal spiritual one. It is your Book of your own personal spiritual journey on the Wiccan Path. The Book of Shadows gives you a place to put down in writing what you are learning, your goals for Wicca, what you believe and how you personally practice this path you are on. The power of the book is that it is filled with the light of your own personal energy and love. This is who you are and who you want to be through Wicca.

Alright for the technicals of making a Book of Shadows.

First you need to find a practical book for doing this. I personally made mine out of just a 3 ring Binder covered in black cloth and decorated of my own design. I think it is a good idea to cover it in cloth because it gives you the feel of something mystical and magickal. Leave an opening somewhere when you make your cloth cover. You will put special herbs in the cover when you dedicate it for the Wiccan Path. As far as decorating it, that needs to be your own personal design. It's your Book! I will share what I put on mine when everyone is turning in this assignment.

Now that you have a Book to put things in, what do you put in it?

Well, this is very flexible and there are many opinions as to what you put in the Book of Shadows. Here's my suggestion for what goes in the Book of Shadows. It's only a suggestion. First, I personally keep a separate book called a Mirror Book for my personal day to day Wiccan walk. This is basically just a personal journal about the things I discover and how I feel about things. I also keep a separate Divination Book. I like to keep my divinations separate because for one thing, its more practical since you will probably perform many divinations on your Wiccan walk and I like to keep the Book of Shadow for the Ritual side of my Wiccan Practice.

What do I actually put in the Book of Shadows?

I have a page for the Wiccan Rede in its complete form. (Do some research, there is a link on the Links Page for the complete Wiccan Rede). There is a page for my magickal name and personal stuff like Birthsigns and such. It contains why I chose my magckal name and the meaning of my real name. I have a page about the basic Laws of Wicca. I have pages about the aspects of Deity that I call upon for different rituals, spells, or circumstances. There are pages about Rituals (the Sabbats, Esbats, Dedication, Consecration of the Tools, and such; these should be how you personally practice them.), pages for spells, pages for recipes (oils, incense, Simple Feast Foods, etc.), and pages about a brand new step in my Wiccan Path. These are just the basic pages I have in mine but you can use what you want or add more than this. The biggest thing is that it is Your Book of Shadows. There is not wrong way or right way to make one.

Dedicating the Book of Shadows

When you have the Book made before you start using it, you should consecrate or dedicate to Wiccan Practice. I used bay leaves for this but you may use any herb of purification or magickal power. Under the light of the Moon, put the charged herbs in the part of the cloth that you left open. With a finger from your projective hand ( the one you write with), trace and visualize a symbol of protection on the front cover of the Book. Then simply say a very personal dedication to the Deities in your own words. Tell them of your purpose for this Book and ask for guidance and protection for its contents. That's it, you now have your own Book of Shadows.

The assignment is to create your Book of Shadows and to tell all of us about the experience and maybe describe your Book to us. I wish you well on this step in your journey.

Brightest Blessings,

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