Lesson # 4: The Deities of Wicca

Assignment # 3: Who are the Deities and how do you commune with Them?

I thought it was important to do a lesson on who we are worshipping and some of the ways that Wiccans communicate with Them.

Generally, Wiccans worship a Goddess, a God, and Akasha. We believe in the balance of duality as shown by our Lord and Lady and all creation is a part of and comes from Akasha (there are other names for this one but this is what I will call the binding power of the Universe) including the Goddess and the God.

The Goddess is usually associated with the night and the moon. She is one of wisdom and magickal mysteries. Our Lady is the Mother of all creation and Lover of the God. We learn about the cycles of life by watching the cycles of the Moon.

New Moon: The Darkness from which life begins.
Waxing Moon: The growth of life from birth.
Full Moon: The reaching of the fullness of life and maturity.
Waning Moon: The end of one life and the journey to the next.
New Moon: Rebirth, life begins anew.

The God is usually associated with the day and the Sun. He is one of strength and courage. Keeper of all that is wild and free. We learn about the cycles of life from the God by watching the seasons. That is why we celebrate the Sabbats because they teach us about the wonders of life.

The Goddess, the God, and Akasha are all called by many names. Each of these names shows some aspect of their deity but they are all a part of the one. There are many ways to worship and commune with the Deities.

Your assignment is to research different names for the deities and what they represent for that aspect of the Deity. Tell me the ones that appeal to you and that you might use in your own personal worship and Why? Also, research the different ways to worship and commune with the Deities. Describe a way in which you reach out to the Deities.

Also, for an activity part of this assignment, I want you to commune with the Goddess and the God everyday(if possible) for one whole week and tell me how you felt after doing this for a complete week.

I will have links to some sites that will be helpful in your research on the Classroom Links Page.

A sample ritual for communing with the Deities:

To attune with the Goddess stand or sit in the Moonlight. Let yourself relax and see and feel the moonlight dancing on your skin and around you. Call upon the Goddess with what ever name you desire and simply talk with Her. Perhaps ask her to give you wisdom and understanding on your Wiccan path. Say, chant, or whatever you would like to do to communicate with our Lady. Let yourself absorb the Moon Goddess' energy of light and love.

To attune with the God stand or sit in the Sunlight and let yourself relax. Let yourself feel the warmth of the Sun and its energy surrounding you. Call upon the God with whatever name you would like and perhaps ask Him for strength and courage along your journey on the Wiccan path. Talk to Him however you would like and let yourself absorb the Sun God's fiery energy of light and love.

These are just example of how to attune with the Deities. Alter them or use your own.

I will not post the next assignment until most of the class members have caught up and completed this one. I don't want anyone to feel left behind and I know that with busy schedules this assignment might take more that a week. I look forward to seeing what you have learned and experienced.

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