Lesson #2h: The Wiccan Sabbat, Yule

This is the Winter Soltice which occurs around December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere and around June 20 in the Southern Hemisphere. It is commonly called Yule and associates closely to the time of Christmas that is celebrated by most. A lot of the traditions done at Christmas time come from the Yule celebrations. It is a time to realize that although the world is wrapped in winter chill that beneath the ground sleeps new life awaiting rebirth. A time to contemplate life and death and life again. It is traditional to decorate a Yule tree with natural decorations and to burn the Yule log. Traditional foods include nuts and fruit as well as herbal teas. It is a good time for reflection on new beginnings and new changes you would like to occur in your life. Your assignment is to research Yule and to celebrate it in whatever way you choose. Then tell us about your celebration and some interesting facts that you found about this Wiccan holiday.

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You will find the sample ritual on My Personal Wicca Site. Study my ritual but I also want you to study many other sources. You should never take one point of view to follow. Find what's right for you. Enjoy your assignments.

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