Lesson #2c: The Wiccan Sabbat, Beltaine

This holiday takes place around April 30 through May 1 for those in the Northern Hemisphere and October 31 for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

Beltaine is the time of the union between the Goddess and the God. This Sabbat is often associated with May Day and the word Beltaine means May. It is with the marriage of Our Lord and Lady that all life springs forth upon the Earth. It is traditional to make tokens and to place them on a living tree as symbols of This Blessed Union. It is a celebration of life and of the promised fertility of the Land. Even non-pagans symbolize this event without realizing it. We are married to connect as one to bring forth new life to the next generation.

Your assignment is to research Beltaine. Find out the folklore, traditions, and foods associated with it. Also, I want you to write about how you will celebrate Beltaine.

You will find the sample ritual on My Personal Wicca Site. Study my ritual but I also want you to study many other sources. You should never take one point of view to follow. Find what's right for you. Enjoy your assignments.

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