Lesson #2b: The Wiccan Sabbat, Ostara

Ostara is one of the Wiccan holidays that we celebrate throughout the year. It takes place every year on or around March 20 for those in the Northern Hemisphere and around September 21 for those in the Southern Hemisphere. Ostara celebrates the Spring Equinox.

This is what I personally understand Ostara celebrates and I encourage you to find meaning in Ostara for yourself.

The holiday teaches us about the renewing of life and about the cycles of life itself. It is the time that the Goddess begins to renew life upon the Earth with her magick and power. It is the time that the Sun God begins to grow in power bringing the warmth of summer. It shows us how life's coldness can turn into warmth and that the bad and negative do not last. There will always be a time of positive energy. The coldness of life turns into the fire and passion of life. It is a holiday all about connecting with the energies of the beginning of new life and growth. It is a time to plant seeds in your spiritual life as well as in your garden.

Some of the traditional activities for Ostara include bringing flowers into your home and studying their magickal meanings and potentials. A nature walk to celebrate the return of Spring and Summer are also appropriate. This is a good time for those of you planning magickal herb gardens to work on them. The point is to get out into nature and let the Deities fill you with their energy.

Some good foods for the day are meals with seeds or nuts, green vegetables, and if you know how flower dishes are also appropriate. There are books on flower cooking so you might want to look into that one for fun.

You will find the sample ritual on My Personal Wicca Site. Study my ritual but I also want you to study many other sources. You should never take one point of view to follow. Find what's right for you. Enjoy your assignments.

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