Spirit Guides

What are Spirit Guides?

Meeting a spirit guide can be one of the most extraordinary experiences of your magickal path. A spirit guide is a spirit that helps you learn and grow on your spiritual path. They can appear to you in many forms and you may have one or many guides. Spirit guides are given to us to help us understand what the Lord and Lady want us to learn in this life.

There is a slight difference between spirit animals and spirit guides although, they are often grouped into the same category. Both serve a similar role but a spirit animal usually communicates in its symbolism and actions. A spirit animal may represent strength like a black panther or a tiger. During a time when you need strength the most, this may be your primary spirit animal. Spirit Guides are more likely to speak directly to you and show you direction through dreams, visions, or just directing you to the right place at the right time. Both are important in guiding you in the right direction. I will discuss spirit animals specifically in another lesson.

Don't get discouraged though if you don't see or hear your spirit guides right away. They are always there, but it takes time for you to become aware of their presence. They usually help you become aware slowly. You might feel a presence or a strange feeling at times. You might have felt really drawn to something that you would not have noticed normally. Eventually, you will hear them and hopefully even see them. It may seem a little scary to begin with to realize that you are certainly not alone and that there is a huge spiritual world around you that you have never noticed before but I promise it will be an incredible experience. I personally have 4 spirit guides and it was over a year before I was able to see and talk with them directly. Be patient and they will be shown to you.

I will tell you a little about my spirit guides. Hopefully, my personal experience will be of help to you. My main spirit guide has shown his presence throughout my life. Before wicca, I did not realize how often he had been there. He is the guide that always guides me through troubles and teaches me to become a better person in the mundane and spiritual world. He was the first one to speak to me and through him, I discovered the other 3 guides. A second guide is a female spirit who is wise and guides me how to teach others. She guides me to the right information that is needed when someone asks a question that I don't already know the answer to. Sometimes she gives me a very specific message for someone from the Goddess. My third guide is a female sprite who teaches me about the joy of the world. Her spirit is always light and happy. She always seems to come at the right times when I could use a little light. My fourth guide is a dark guide which does not mean evil. We call them dark guides because they teach us about passion, strength, and how to defend ourselves when it is needed. Some might call them a warrior spirit. My warrior spirit is male and he has taught me a great deal about protection and living life in strength and confidence. I have encountered negative witches before and he taught me how to face this difficulty without fear. I have also encountered evil spirits before and if you believe in yourself, you can without fear tell them to leave and they will. As you can see, every spirit guide in my life has a unique perspective to help guide me on my spiritual journey in this life.

For your assignment, I want you to research spirit guides on the internet or through books. Learn more about them from multiple sources. Then I want you to make a focused effort to find your guide. You may or may not at this time find your guide but often, if you seek them out, they will reveal themselves to you. It is a sign you are ready when you are truly interested in understanding them more. Some good ways to do this is to ask for them to reveal themselves during your meditation or prayer time, light a purple candle for spiritual insight and say a chant asking that your spirit guide reveal themselves, or just sit quietly somewhere outdoors or inside and open yourself to seeing what is beyond the physical. A pendulum might also help you by allowing you to ask yes or no questions directly to your spirit guide. Make sure that you set the moment when using the pendulum by asking for only your guide to communicate with you. That way you know it is your guide that is talking to you.After your week of trying to communicate, post in the group and tell us what you experienced.

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