Lesson # 27: Herbs, Oils, Incense, Stones, & Candles

Lesson # 27c: Incense

There are many items that we use to practice magick. In truth, magick comes from within and not the tools but herbs, oils, stones, candles, and other items that we use help us to focus energy. Each has its own special energy that helps in the particular magick we are doing. That is what helps us to focus for a spell. Each herb, oil, stone, and candle color has specific purposes. There is often variations of these purposes from various people who practice magick but generally there are some basics that agree for the most part. In this lesson, I would like you to explore each more in depth.

Using incense in ritual has been done since ancient times. It is ruled by the element of air and can be an effective part of your rituals. As said above, it is not a necessity but if you would like to use incense, it will do you well to learn more about it. There are as many fragrances of incense as there are herbs and oils. You will find that there is correspondence to all three of these tools. Many can be used interchangeably depending on the kind of spell or ritual you are performing. Any spell particularly ruled by Air may include incense. This might be spells associated with dreams, thinking, understanding, love, friendship, astral projection, and many others. Incense can be obtained in stick form, cone form, or herb form. The burners used will vary depending upon which you choose. One of the traditional parts of casting a circle includes using incense to go around your circle to purify your space. Use this lesson to research the correspondences and types of incense. Find a short list of types you would like to use in your own personal practice. Here are some sites to get you started.

Making Incense

Making Magickal Incenses and Ritual Perfumes book

Magickal Incense Making



Bell, Book, and Candle Incense Shop

Your Assignment

I want you to research about incense either online or through books. I do suggest that you buy a good book if possible for reference. Find your select list of incenses for magickal purposes that is easy for you to obtain and fits your needs. Post your list to the group and maybe a little about why you chose these.

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