Lesson # 27: Herbs, Oils, Incense, Stones, & Candles

Lesson # 27a: Herbs

There are many items that we use to practice magick. In truth, magick comes from within and not the tools but herbs, oils, stones, candles, and other items that we use help us to focus energy. Each has its own special energy that helps in the particular magick we are doing. That is what helps us to focus for a spell. Each herb, oil, stone, and candle color has specific purposes. There is often variations of these purposes from various people who practice magick but generally there are some basics that agree for the most part. In this lesson, I would like you to explore each more in depth.

Herbs are a very commonly used item in spells and for medicinal purposes. I'm sure that you have often heard of herbal remedies for colds and various other ailments. Herbal teas and pills have become very popular with the mainstream as well. If you're going to delve into the realm of medicinal herbs, I do suggest that you spend some serious research time and buy yourself a good medicinal herbal book. It is also a good idea to talk to a physician about any known reactions with other drugs or conditions that the person you are trying to help has. There are some cases where herbs can do more harm than good. PLEASE do not ingest any herb that you do not truly understand through a good herbal book. Some herbs are poisonous and should only be used magickally. Make sure you know what you are using first. This is where good studying will keep you out of trouble. Herbs also have magickal properties. Again, I suggest that you get a good herbal book like Scott Cunningham's Herbal Encyclopedia. For your general magickal practice, find a select few herbs that you know that you can obtain easily and that have the magickal properties that you will use most often. Go to a local craft/hobbie store and buy some little glass jars to keep your herbs. Then buy the dried versions of the ones that you selected from a local health foods store or supermarket if possible. You might get you a couple of plastic shoe boxes to keep your jars of herbs in or have a cabinet space for them. Just somewhere that is easy for you to access when you need it. Eventually, you may want to try your hand at growing your own herbs which you can dry yourself. There are also uses for fresh herbs for some spells. You just have to pay attention to which kind a spell requires.

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Use these links to learn more about herbs, both medicinal and magickal.

Your Assignment

I want you to research about herbs either online or through books. I do suggest that you buy a good book if possible for reference. Find your select list of herbs for magickal purposes that is easy for you to obtain and fits your purposes. Post your list to the group and maybe a little about why you chose these. Also, research medicinal herbs and share any remedies that stood out to you that you think would be helpful.

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