Lesson # 25: Learning the Divination of Numerology

Numerology is one that you may already be a little familiar with in finding your magickal name. It is the art of interpreting numbers concerning your birthdate, name, etc. and discovering things about yourself through these numbers. The numbers generally show your aptitudes and character traits. That is why many will use numerology in discovering their magickal name because the numbers align to your inner traits. Here are several sites to help you learn much more about the art of Numerology.


Creative Numerology

Starlight Numerology

Numerology Guide


History of Numerology

Use these links to learn more about how numerology works and any other sources that you find in your own searches. Then begin to work with numerology yourself if this is the form of divination that you would like to become more connected.

Your Assignment

Very simply, it is to practice, practice, and more practice with numerology. Post in the group about your experiences with the numerology.

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