Lesson # 21: Learning the Divination of Scrying

Scrying can be a more difficult form of divination but it can be a very interesting one. If you find the right connection, you may see images of people, places, or future events. You may also see colored clouds which you can learn to interpret. I've even heard of someone seeing words in the reflection. Scrying is divination using a mirror, crystal ball, water, fire or other reflective tool. You look into the reflection clearing your mind and letting yourself look just beyond the physical reflection. Relax and give it a few minutes...let what comes to you come. If you don't see anything for a little while, then stop take a break and try again later. It takes time and patience to learn how to scry. Here are some good links to help you research the art further. The first one is written well for beginners.







Use these links to learn more about how scrying works and any other sources that you find in your own searches. Then begin to work with scrying yourself if this is the form of divination that you would like to become more connected.

Your Assignment

Very simply, it is to practice, practice, and more practice with the scrying. Post in the group about your experiences with scrying and anything that you saw that you would like to share or get input about.

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