Lesson # 20: Learning the Divination of Runes

In this lesson, we're going to talk about the divination of Runes. It is a very old form of divination particular to the celtic culture. There are actually several different systems available but the Futhark is probably the most commonly used. It can be similar to tarot in that you do a variety of layouts or spreads just as you do for the tarot. This is the best site that I've found in my research for this lesson that explains basic spreads and learning how to use the runes.


You can also do meditation on the aspect of a particular rune allowing the Lord and Lady to reveal a deeper meaning in your life. Runes can be a very interesting form of divination especially learning more about their history and various ways to find insight with them. I began my learning through one of Scott Cunningham's books Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner which is a great book for you to have as a beginner anyway. He has a section in the book on a basic way to read runes. I'm not going to get a lot more detailed because I want you to do some research on the runes and also view other sources for learning how to read and interpret the runes. Here is a good list of links to get you started:






Use these links to learn more about how reading runes works and any other sources that you find in your own searches. Then begin to work with the runes yourself if this is the form of divination that you would like to become more connected.

Your Assignment

Very simply, it is to practice, practice, and more practice with your runes. Post in the group about your experiences with your runes and any readings that you would like to share or get input about.

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