Lesson # 18: Beginning Divination

We will be working on divination for the next few lessons looking at each technique separately but for now, we're just going to cover the basics.

First, you need to figure out what method appeals to you the most. As you grow and learn, you will probably try and/or use all of these but it is important to focus on a particular method especially when you're just getting started. So, I'm going to tell you a little about each kind to help you figure out one that you would like to work with for now.

Tarot Cards

This one is probably my personal favorite and probably the most well known kind of divination. There are vast variety of decks that you can choose from to suit your own needs and personality. For me, the right deck was a Morgan-Greer deck but for you, it may be something different. It's important when you choose a deck to find one that really speaks to you...... one that meaning comes through the pictures. Beginning decks are a good place to start if you want an inexpensive deck to learn how the cards work. They won't have the great imagery that some of the others have but they usually come with a decent instruction book that explains the different spreads and how to interpret the cards. I know that it sounds like a lot to try to remember all of those cards but there's nothing wrong with using the little meaning booklet that comes with them until you get more familiar. Tarot basically works by choosing a question to focus upon and then laying the cards out in a particular spread. From there, you turn each card up in the appropriate order and give the meaning of that card. There are regular and reversed meanings for each card depending on whether they are upright or upside down.

If you want to look at or buy a deck, I just added a section to our community book store that has lots of different decks pictured.

Rune Stones and Rune Sticks

This is probably the second most common form of divination. This method consists of throwing stones or sticks with the runic symbols on each one. The writing down the meaning of each starting from right to left. From there you interpret their meaning according to what question you asked. This form of divination is actually one that you can make for yourself with just some simple flat stones or cut sticks painted or etched with the symbols. There is a good rune site listed in our class links if you need the symbols and meanings. You can also buy them already made fairly reasonable between $15 and $20 dollars.

For more information try:

The Rune Primer


Scrying is an interesting form of divination and one that can be a little harder to learn. You use any reflective surface such as a mirror (especially black mirrors), crystal ball, water, and also fire. The idea is to stare into the reflective surface clearing all of your thoughts and after a period of time, you will see either colored clouds or actual images of something to do with your question within your mind. It does take lots of practice and patience but the experience can be an incredible one.

For more info try:



The pendulum is just a simple balanced pendant on the end of a chain. The idea is to ask a question and then with the pendant hanging completely still, get either a yes or no answer depending on which way the pendulum moves. Back and forth means yes and a circular motion means no. All questions have to be phrased in a yes/no form. It can also be used to find things but I'm less familiar with this use. Check out the sites below for more information.

Pendulum Divination from TripleMoon

Pendulum and Dowsing


This form of divination finds ones future in how the lines of your palm are shaped and sized. It's an interesting one to try. Yahoo actually has a section with the horoscopes where you can try it for fun. To learn more about it though, there are several book that will teach you all the interpretations and how it works.

For More Info:

Yahoo's Palm Reading



This one is probably the most popular to have it done for you. It is a difficult form to learn however and will take quite a while to become comfortable enough with to interpret for others. Most of us probably glance at our horoscopes from time to time and that is a part of astrology. Astrology seeks the future in the energy changes that occur as planets and star constellations move in respect to your birthdate and sign. It's certainly an interesting one to check out and learn more about. Here is a really good site to help. Also great for learning Numerology which is the interpretation of numbers and how they affect your life.


Dream Interpretation

I enjoy this one as well. I find it interesting to learn what things in your dreams may mean to your life. They are not usually premonitions, although they may be, but they are likely messages from your inner spirit or the divine to help you work things out in your own life. You can find lots of different books on dream interpretation and many dream dictionaries. I suggest that everyone at some point get one and get a notebook to write your dreams down in. You will be amazed at what you may discover and learn.

For More Info:

Dreamlover Dream Interpretation

There are several other forms that I won't cover in detail but you are certainly welcome to research and learn as part of this assignment. They may include things like I-Ching, tea leaves, and vast array of unique methods developed by different groups and cultures.

Your Assignment

I would like for you to research a little on each method of divination and decide on one particular method that you would like to work with for now. Then post and tell us which one, what materials you got for it (such as which deck of tarot if you do tarot), and why you chose to work with this form or divination.

Brightest Blessings,

Arianna Moonlightshadow

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