Lesson # 17: Magickal Correspondences

Now that you've learned the basics that go into creating a spell. You need to know some of the things that affect how a spell works or even how you might write a spell differently depending on moon phases, seasons, weather occurrences, and day of the week. I will also give you a basic idea of what herbs, colors, and stones are appropriate for different kinds of spells.

One of the biggest questions that I get is "Can you do a spell even if we're not in the right moon phase for it?"

The answer is yes, of course you can do any spell that is of immediate need. How you write the spell may be different though according to the phase of the moon but it is usually possible to perform any spell at any time. The only difference that doing the spell in the appropriate phase will do for you is that it will make the spell more powerful. So, if it is one that can wait for the right phase and time, then you should.

Below I am going to give you some basic correspondences to help you make good decisions when you are creating spells as we practiced in the last lesson.

Moon Phases

New Moon: Starting something new, beginnings, romance and love, health, and finding a new job.

Waxing or Growing Moon: Any positive magick including prosperity, love, success, luck, health, friendship, or success.

Full Moon: Excellent time for protection, divination, things of spiritual nature, or to increase the power of any spell that needs to be more powerful.

Waning or Decreasing Moon: Banishing spells; binding spells; getting rid of an addiction, illness, bad habit, or negativity.

Dark Moon: Fighting magickal attacks, bringing justice, and for exploring the darker part of ourselves for a better understanding of our passions and anger.

Days of Power

Sunday: Ruled by the Sun, power, health, prosperity

Monday: Ruled by the Moon, intuition, dreams, psychic ability, female fertility

Tuesday: Ruled by Mars, courage, physical strength, energy, breaking negativity

Wednesday: Ruled by Mercury, divination knowledge, wisdom, communications

Thursday: Ruled by Jupiter, luck, healing, male fertility, wealth, happiness, legal matters

Friday: Ruled by Venus, love, sexuality, marriage, friendship

Saturday: Ruled by Saturn, meditation, defense, communicating with spirits, psychic ability


Occurrences like storms, strong winds, or heavy rains can all be forces of power and energy which can make a spell done during these times even more powerful.

Rain and Snow can be considered a time to do spells associated with purifying, cleansing, even protection.

Bright Full Sun can be a great time for spells associated with fire as well as any spell meant to cause great happiness or prosperity.


This will help you in choosing candle colors, cloth colors for sachets, or colors of written papers.

Red: strength, courage, passion, love, energy, career goals

Orange: justice, success, ambition, career or business goals

Yellow: confidence, studying, learning, persuasion, breaking mental blocks

Pink: romantic love, nurturing, peace, friendship

Green: luck, money, abundance, growth, fertility

Blue: physical healing, wisdom, calm, creativity, protection, patience, astral projection, prophetic dreams

Purple: spiritual power, psychic ability, healing for serious illness, ambition, third eye, success, independence

Silver: Goddess, telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition, dreams, astral energy

Gold: God, energy, strength, courage

Black: protection, repelling, binding, banishing, meditation, fight magickal attacks

White: purity, peace, higher self, consecration, divination, spirituality

Magickal Herbs

Anise: banishing nightmares, protection

Basil: purification, protection, love, prosperity

Chamomile: meditation, calmness, peace

Cinnamon: healing, success, psychic powers, protection, prosperity

Dill: seeds for money, flowers for love

Frankincense: general, purification, protection, success, divination

Hazel: mental powers, hazel nuts used for fertility

Lemon Balm: health, success, love

Mugwort: psychic powers, divination, clairvoyance, (strongest when picked on the Full Moon)

Nutmeg: clairvoyance, prosperity

Parsley: purification, protection

Peppermint: healing, purification

Rosemary: blessing, consecration, aids memory, protection, banishing negativity

Sage: healing, prosperity, wisdom

Sandalwood: good general, protection, blessings, purification, consecration

Thyme: burn for purification, protection, clairvoyance

Yarrow: for happy marriage, defense, protection

Magickal Stones

Advernturine: Purification, strength, calming health, migraines

Agate: Strength, courage, protection, love, healing

Amber: Good General stone

Amethyst: Spirituality, dreams, soothing, protection, love, healing, psychic awareness

Aquamarine: Psychic powers, purification, cleansing, soothing, protection, healing, the sea

Beryl: Protection, psychic awareness, love, energy, the sea

Bloodstone: healing, strength, courage, money

Carnelian: Peace, courage, protection, health, sexuality

citrine: Protection, prevents nightmares, psychic awareness

Diamond: Sexuality, fertility, victory, fidelity, protection, spirituality, strength

Emerald: Love, money, memory, knowledge, protection, eyesight

Garnet: Strength, protection, health

Hematite: Healing, grounding, divination

Jasper (Red): Protection, healing

Jasper (Green): Healing, sleep

Jasper (Brown): Grounding

Jasper (Mixed): Protection

Lapis Lazuli: Healing, love, protection

Malachite: Increases magickal energy, protection, warns against danger, love, protection during travel

Moonstone: Love, protection, divination, youth, beauty, gardening, weight management

Onyx: Reduction of Sexuality, Protection

Opal: General magick, astral projection, recalling past lives, beauty, luck

Peridot: Protection, healing, love, calm, sleep, anti-depression

Quartz: Holds a magickal charge well, divination, healing, protection, meditation

Rose Quartz: Love, peace, happiness, fidelity, calm

Ruby: Protection, money, joy, will power, energy

Sapphire: Psychic awareness, love, protection, healing, magickal power, money, prosperity

Smoky Quartz: Mood enhancer, grounding, overcome depression and negative emotions

Sodalite: Healing, stress, meditation

Topaz: Protection, healing, prosperity, money, love, calms negative emotions

Tiger's Eye: Prosperity, protection, promotes energy flow, health

Elemental Correspondences

Earth: feminine element, North, Green, rules spells of fertility, jobs, money, business, health, ecology, stability

Air: masculine element, East, Yellow, Rules memory, intellect, tests, divination psychick powers, travel, drug and alchohol addictions

Fire: masculine element, South, Red, Rules passion, sex, success, banishing illness, protection, legal matters, competitions, strength, courage, and energy

Water: feminine element, West, Blue, Rules, love, friendship, memditation, healing, dreams, childbirth, clairvoyance, wisdom, and purification

Your Assignment

I would like you to research more correspondences on the net or in books. You will find that some will vary on opinion but this will give you a chance to decide for yourself and create your own set of correspondences for magickal uses. Once you have finished your research, create your own personal list for your Book of Shadows. I would also like you to practice with the timing and other correspondences in a simple spell like we did for the creating spells assignment. Then share with all of us at the class club about your experiences. Did you notice an improvement in your magick by using better timing? Also, share any special correspondences that you found in your research.

I would also suggest that you get a good herbalism, stones, oils, candle magick, and moon magick type book to add to your library. Scott Cunningham has several on these topics and he is easy to understand. You can find some of these books in our Book Store if you need to buy them.

Brightest Blessings,

Arianna Moonlightshadow

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