Lesson # 16: Creating Spells

This is the lesson many have asked and waited for. It was important though for you to first understand how energy manipulation worked, getting your tools together, circle casting, and basic ritual design. Once you've learned the basics of the previous lessons, then you are prepared to work with simple magick and then on to more advanced kinds of magick.

Let me say once again, that magick is a great responsibility. It isn't something to just play with or use without careful thought. Your actions affect others and yourself. That's why we have the Wiccan Rede to guide us in the wise use of magick. It can be a wonderful thing used well and a very harmful thing if used negatively.

There are some spells that can be used to practice that are only meant to enhance your spiritual life and have no harmful affects. This is the kind of magick we're going to start with so that you can do a little harmless practice and get used to how things work in magick.

First step in a spell, know what you want it to do exactly. It's not enough to just say heal this person or give me money. You have to be specific in spells. In the spell that we're going to work with, the goal of the spell is for increased knowledge and understanding in a particular area that you want to work on in your spiritual path. Sit down, write exactly what you want to accomplish in this area. If it were for better understanding of your tarot cards, then you would write what you want to gain from them and maybe specifically about an area that gives you the most trouble.

Okay, now we know what we want. The next step is to determine what items and kind of spell we're going to use to accomplish this. This is where you go research what colors, stones, herbs, elements associated, candles, moon phases, seasons, day of the week, time of day, and any other magickal correspondences to the goal of your spell. For this kind of spell, you're looking for things associated with knowledge and learning. Also, things associated with the particular area you want to learn. In our example for tarot reading, you would look for things associated with learning divination. You would even incorporate your cards into a part of the spell. Research and write down what you find.

Now you must decide from the list of things that you found for correspondences what things you are going to use in your particular spell. Are you going to do candle magick with a particular colored candle? If so, what symbol do you need to draw on the candle? Are you going to annoint the candle with a corresponding essential oil as part of the ritual? Are you going to burn a paper with what you desire on it? or Are you going to just set the candle on top of the paper? Do you keep the paper with you until the spell is accomplished or do you bury it in the Earth as a sign of releasing the spell to do it's job? This is probably the toughest part of designing your spell because there are so many ways to accomplish the same thing. My suggestion here is for you to research spells that someone else has already written for this same purpose and see how they put theirs together. I don't want you to use their spell because the point of this lesson is to create your own but just look at several to get ideas. Now come back to your list and pick out those things that really appeal to you personally to use in a spell. Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to ritual items. This is where you make it personal. Break your list down to something simple that fits you.

Now that you have an idea of the items you're going to use, what the exact goal of the spell is, and a basic kind of spell (candle magick, earth magick, elemental magick, etc.), you need to begin to organize and write the exact spell you are going to use. First part of the spell is to write items needed and then secondly the actual spell itself. In the spell itself, write exactly step by step what you want to do and what words you wish to say when performing certain parts of the spell.

For our example, this is what I might do for a spell to enhance my ability with my tarot cards.

Items Needed:
Tarot Cards
Yellow Candle
Orange Small Paper
Tool to carve a symbol on Candle (knife/bolline)
Sandalwood Oil

Prepare self, items, and sacred space. Light all candles and incense if used except for the yellow spell candle. On the orange (color for understanding) paper, write your desire to have greater understanding and what particular areas you would like to improve in your tarot reading. Next carve the symbol of an eye (insight) on the yellow (color for divination) candle and set it in its holder. Set the candle on top of the paper. Have your cards placed before you as well. Now light the candle and say:

Candlelight of illumination,
Shine insight on this divination,
Understanding brought by my devotion,
Make it so, So Mote it Be!

Then take the sandalwood oil (good oil for consecration and blessing) and with some on your finger, draw the eye symbol on the top card and then take another drop and draw a pentagram for protection of your cards.

Now that you are done, give thanks and release your circle. As a final step, bury the remains of the candle and the paper into the Earth as a final release for your spell.

With the spell done, your part is to practice with the tarot cards. Look for guidance through books and the internet. Take each card and really look at how the picture itself speaks to you and its real meaning. Write down what you learn and discover. Know that the spell will open the way and guide you.

Okay, you finally have your spell written out exactly as you want it to be done. The next step is to gather your items and to perform it. When performing any spell, it is important as you prepare an item to charge it with your energy and the the intent you have for its use. For this, you simply hold the item in your hand and pull energy from beneath you in the Earth, through you and into your hand, and on into the item itself. As you do this, visualize in your mind what you wish to accomplish with this item. Have all of your items charged before you begin the actual spell. This allows you to flow through your spell and pour more of your will and intent into the spell. Most of all, spells only work if you really want it..... it requires real desire, will, and belief that it will work. You must believe in it.

For your assignment, I want you to go step by step in creating your spell as we did above for the example. As you complete each step, post at the class or write me directly about how it is going and what you've done so far. Once you have completed the writing of your spell, perform it and let us know how your experience went and ultimately after some time, if you see the results of your spell. This is a lesson where I really do want you to discuss it with the class or at least with me as you progress through it. I am sure that you will have questions along the way as well so ask. If you learn this basic creation of a spell, you can ultimately create any spell that you need for any purpose. You do not have to use the tarot spell, I want you to create your own for whatever area you want to learn more about. Good luck and have fun with this one.

If you want to read a good book about elemental magick and creating spells, I suggest that you read Scott Cunningham's book Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. You can check out and buy this book through our Book Store on our community site.

Brightest Blessings,

Arianna Moonlightshadow

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