Lesson # 14: Invocations and Chants

One of the things that you will see in most wiccan practice is the use of words of meaning and rhyme. Many of our spells are written with a poetic style. The most important example of this is our Wiccan Rede, on which we base a great deal of our basic beliefs. It is believed that rhyming words have a way of putting one in the magickal spirit, much like tools give us points of focus to make connections to the divine, elements, and energies that abound around us. It is however not necessary for your invocations and chants to rhyme as long as you feel a strong connection with the words and their intent. In any invocation or chant it is more important to feel them in your heart and soul because the stronger the desire and true connection to your words, the more powerful the spell or call to the Lord and Lady. It is our opportunity to say what we feel for the Deities and to connect with the elemental spirits through our words. Writing invocations, chants, and spells do not have to be complicated or hard. It doesn't have to sound like everyone else's either. This is one of the most personal things that you will do in practice and it should be uniquely your own. I am going to give you some examples to help you get started but please use your own creative expression.

An Invocation to the Goddess

Lady of love and light,
Mysterious one of the moon,
Dancing across the sky of night,
To the rhythm of a magickal tune,
May She empower me with her spirit of life.

An Invocation to the God

Lord of strength and fire,
Powerful one of the sun,
Riding across the sky even higher,
To light the way until the day is done,
May He empower me with his spirit of life.

A Centering Chant

In the midst of roaring winds,
Guide me to the center of calm,
When life in turmoil and chaos bends,
Let me stand firm in the Earth's palm,
From the center of peace,
All winds of chaos are now dispersed.

Your assignment is to write you own invocations for the God and Goddess as well as a chant for anything of your choice. Then share it with the rest of the class at the class club or with me personally. This will give you good practical practice and you will have created your own personal invocations to use. If you've already done this, then just share one that you have created.

Brightest Blessings,

Arianna Moonlightshadow

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