Lesson #13: The Elements

The elements are an important part of our practice as wiccans. We use the energy of the elements to direct magick for a specific purpose or to connect with a certain aspect of nature. The elemental spirits are the guardians of our circles as we cast every circle. I thought it might help to have a basic understanding of what each represents.


This is the element of the East direction and is often associated with the color yellow. It represents the spirit of the mind and connections with what you know. It is about imagination and love that connects within. Poets and writers fall under this element and spells involving the seeking of inspiration. Incense, clouds, and wind are all associated with this elemental spirit. As a guardian spirit, you are surrounded by strong winds of protection that block the negative.


Fire is the spirit of the South and its color is usually fiery red. It is the spirit of a deep desire for knowledge and passionate love. It is an element of all consuming drive for what is desired. It also represents the warrior spirits of those who protect those who need protection. Swords are forged from fire and so this guardian spirit protects us with strength and courage. Fire and candles are obvious associations with this element.


Water is the element of the West and represented by the color blue. This is the elemental spirit of emotions which are often associated with the tides of the ocean. It is the spirit of wisdom and intuition. Psychic connections are often associated with water. Anything to do with oceans or water are used to represent this element. As a guardian, you can see yourself surrounded by a wall of water that protects you from any negativity.


This is the element of the North and is usually associated with the color green. It is the spirit of stability and truth. In the Earth we are able to ground ourselves and keep a balance in life. The pentagram, stones, salt, and wood are often used to connect with this element. This guardian spirit can be seen as protecting us with a strong wall of stone which let nothing negative through. The Earth is the foundation that we stand on.

What I want you to do for this lesson is to study more about the elements and search books, sites, or other resources to gain an even better insight into what the elements mean to your practice. You will find slightly differing views as to what corresponds to each but I think you will find some basic similarities. Your lesson is to after more study to write about what you feel the elements represent for you and some of the herbs, stones, colors, and other items that are commonly associated with each that you feel would work well in your own practice. I also would like you to take a moment to connect with each elemental spirit. You might take a walk in the woods for Earth, spend time at a stream or lake for water, watch the clouds blow across the sky for air, or watch a fire burn for the element of fire. There are many ways you can do this inside or outdoors. Find the one that works for you and tell us a little about your experiences.

Brightest Blessings,

Arianna Moonlightshadow

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