Lesson # 10: Consecration of Ritual Tools

Since we just finished a lesson on finding our ritual tools and setting up our altar, I thought this would be a good time to give you some ideas for consecrating your tools.

These are only ideas and you should adapt and make any personal changes that you want. You are simply cleansing the tool and asking the Lord and Lady to bless it. You are setting this tool apart for Wiccan practice. It can be a great experience in itself.

Tools associated with the God are usually cleansed with fire or Earth and tools associated with the Goddess are usually cleansed with Water and Air. You should ask the Deities to bless each tool in your own words.

Wand: You might cleanse it with water or incense smoke. To consecrate it you could hold it up to the moonlight at night and ask the Goddess to fill it with her lunar energy. You can also rub it with rosemary or sage herb or annoint it with frankincense or sandalwood oil.

Athame: Usually you cleanse this one by laying it on the Earth or on the pentacle filled with salt or Earth. You might even lay on the ground and make a circle of salt around it. Bless this tool in the day since it is ruled by the God.

Cauldron: You could take it to a stream and fill it with fresh water or if you can't do that, fill with spring water and lay fresh flower petals in it. You might also take out under the moon and fill with lunar energy. The cauldron is sometimes used with water and sometimes used with fire so you might want to bless it in both day and night.

Bolline: This one can be cleansed and consecrated in much the same way as the athame except perhaps since this is a cutting knife, you might use it to carve a pentagram into a candle or into the Earth.

Pentacle: Usually you consecrate this one with Earth or salt because it is a symbol of the element of Earth. Probably a daytime dedication would be appropriate.

All Candle Holders: These can be consecrated by fire or set in salt on the pentacle.

All censers and Incense holders: Light a purifying incense like sandalwood, frankincense, or sage.

Chalice: Fill with fresh spring water and drop rose petals in it. Then take outside under the moonlight and let it soak up the lunar energy.

Bell: Ring under the moonlight. Maybe annoint with sandalwood or frankincense oil.

Water Bowl: Fill with water and bless under the moon.

Salt Bowl: Fill with salt and bless under the sun.

Witches Broom or Besom: Brush chamomile or sage through the bristles. Sweep in clockwise motions under the moon asking the Lady to bless it.

Deity statues: Annoint with sandalwood or frankincense oil and ask each Deity to bless it with their energy.

Musical Instruments: Run them through the incense smoke and then play them immediately in a tune and chant for the Lady.

Magick Mirror or Crystal Ball: Take out under the Moonlight only and let it be filled with the lunar energy of the Full Moon. Then keep it always covered with cloth and never let the sun be reflected in it again. If you did by accident have it out in the sun, just re-consecrate it again. This is a divination tool of the Goddess.

There are probably other tools you may have or aquire but this is at least a basic list to give you the idea. Just do what feels appropriate for you. I've given you the basic associations and some of the purifying oils and herbs. There are other oils and herbs which will work so feel free to check out the herbal site listed in the class links.

Your assignment is to consecrate your tools if you haven't already and then tell the class a little about how you chose to do your consecrations. If you have already done this, just tell everyone about it. Your ideas will help others find the right way for them as well.

Brightest Blessings,


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