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Assignment #1

I chose the name Magdalena. First I did the numerology of my real name, searched for names that held the same virtues and then compared the results to both how they worked in numerology with my 7 and also along with my birthday. Magdalena was the name that had the best numerology and almost identical virtues I already have, and a few I'd like to! I also really liked the name and felt very comfortable using it :)

Danielle aka qtdaisy1

My Magical Name

Well I don't really ahve a magical name anymore. It was originally Ember Necrofire. But I made it when I was with my coven. Needless to say I didn't know them very well and if I never see them again it will be too soon. They turned out to be a "bad witch". So now I like to just go by my online hnadle... Druidess...

I originally picked it from a Type O Negative song. I love that band, and I loved the song. It's good enough for me. I did try to use the runes and such to find a name but nothing clicked. Druidess just seems to fit for me. I also go by "Cinnamon Girl" That's what my boyfriend calls me because of my red hair. Anyways, I did use numberology to choose what my childrens names wil be though.

So maybe Druidess choose me, I don't get to choose anything else!


choosing a magickal name

merry meet,

Before I joined I already had a magickal name.But it didn't really mean anything to me.After surching on the web and in books I found the name Serena.I think it sounds calm and shy etc. and that really describes me.I also find it a wicca name.i hope my first assignement has gone well. And I loved joining!

bright blessings


My Magickal Name

I chose my magickal name with a bunch of friends. WE all got together and looked trhough a list of god and goddesses names and thought about what we liked and stuff. We each chose our names right then and there. Maybe that wasnt the best idea to rush into it that much, but I am for the most part happy with my choice. My magickal name is actually Moonlight Morgan. However, I sometimes shorten it to MoonMorgan as above. The reason I chose that name was because I have always admired the name Morgan and the Goddess Morrigan. Also, I am a cancer and my planet is the moon, plus I have always like the symbol of the moon. I love the color silver and I just thought that it suited me. Other names I have heard of that I like are: Vyktoria Rhiannon ShatteringStream Kannanna Ash Stormy WindWillow and more.... I hope you enjoyed reading about my magickal name.


Magickal Name

For my magikal name, I chose one from the muses in Greek mythology. Her name is Thalia and she is the muse of comedy and pastoral poetry. Being in a rural area, when reading about this muse, my inner bell rang true.


Choosing my magikal name

This one was an easy one as I had already chosen it. Crescentia I chose as a middle name in the SCA years ago and I always liked it. It means "the one who creates" as I'm an artist and am working on creating and understanding magik as a Wiccan, I think it's appropriate.


Choosing A Magickal Name


I've read through the other assignments, most of them and well, I have to say the reason for choosing my name is different. Back in about August my friends and I formed a spiritual link. We each choose names then and ever since, for me, I've used that name as my magickal name. I suppose I should not have signed on with that as my username, however I am so used to using it with anything of the such. My Real name is Melanie, which that name I love tons, but I use Katrina as my magickal name. It is thought to perhaps mean pure in Greek, which I do like. Kinda opposite to my RL name meaning Black in Greek. I am actually going to change my Username now...hmm...I'll use my real name, however I do have TONS of online names as well. ;)


Magickal Name Assignment

Merry Meet!

I have researched and meditated on this alot and as I always come back to the same name,I know it is to be my craft name , for now, at least- Jodocus- it's the Celtic form of my real name (Joy) and since I have recently discovered my family has roots in Celtic folklore I believe my search will be well rooted in starting from there also!

Blessings of Light & laughter


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