Arianna's Beginning Wicca Classroom Quiz # 2

Begin the Quiz here. When you finish answering the questions and before you hit submit, right click on the page and print yourself a copy of your answers. When you hit submit you will be directed to a page with the answers that I have found to be the most accurate.

1. What phrase in the Wiccan Rede provides its main idea?

2. What is the purpose of casting a circle?

3. What does the element of Earth represent:

4. What does the element of Air represent:

5. What does the element of Fire represent:

6. What does the element of Water represent:

7. Which tool is traditionally used to cast the circle?
  Red Candle

8. What is a pendulum?

9. What are the 3 aspects of the divine in Wicca?
  sun, moon, earth
  akasha, god, goddess
  elemental spirits, guides, guardians
  earth, air, water
  light, shadow, dark

10. What are the magickal correspondences for the New Moon?

11. What are the magickal correspondences for the day Friday?

12. What does Merry Meet mean?
  traditional wiccan greeting
  secret code between witches
  I hope you are well
  All the Above

13. What does energy manipulation help you with?

14. What is the first step in ritual design?
  cast a circle
  call upon the deities
  setup physical altar
  prepare self
  simple feast

16. What are the most important things in doing magick?
  power and energy
  will and faith
  tools and herbs
  visualization and rhyme

19. What does So Mote It Be mean?

20. What does the phrase in the Wiccan Rede "When misfortune is enow, Wear the blue Star on they brow" mean?

The last five questions will be emailed to me so that I can see your personal responses to these questions.

15. How do you personally do meditation?

17. What is the first spell that you have done?

18. What form of divination have you chosen to focus on right now?

21. Have you performed a Sabbat ritual yet and if so, which holiday did you enjoy the most? Why?

22. How do you feel about where you are on your wiccan path at this point and what more would you like to learn?

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