Class Quiz # 1 Answers

1. Name the Five Elements? Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit

2. What is the purpose of a magickal name? To help you find a connection to the Deities, to use in ritual practice or in communicating with other wiccans, it is a personal choice to have a magickal name and not a necessity

3. The Sun represents the: The God

4. The Moon represents the: The Goddess

5. Where is thought that the Pentagram originated?
There is evidence that the pentagram dates back as far as Mesopotamia

6. What is scrying? It is a form of divination using a reflective surface such as a mirror, crystal ball, water, or even fire where you look into the reflection and see images that represent a meaning for your question

7. What are the 3 aspects of the triple Goddess?
sun, moon, earth
light, medium, dark
maiden, mother, crone
earth, air, water
love, light, laughter
maiden, mother, crone

8. What is an Esbat? It is a celebration of the Goddess usually performed on New or Full Moons

9. What is a Sabbat? The 8 holidays during the year that wiccans celebrate: Imbolc, Ostara, Beltaine, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain, and Yule

10. What does the word Beltaine mean?
Bright Fire
The time of planting
The most common meaning that I have found in research is that it means Bright Fire.

11. What does the pentacle symbolize? Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit or a protection symbol

12. How many Witches in a Coven?
20 or more
Up to 13
Fewer than 20
Traditionally it is Up to 13 although modern covens may have many more than this

13. What is a Book of Shadows? It is your book that you keep a record of your path within. It is a special part of your practice. It holds your beliefs, spells, ritual, recipes, and much more that you have used along the way.

14. What do you traditionally connect with in the Ostara ritual?
Another person
An animal
A plant
The elements
It is traditional to connect with the energies of a growing plant to enhance growth in your own personal life throughout the year.

15. What is your preferred name to call upon the Goddess? This is your personal choice

16. What is your preferred name to call upon the God? This is your personal choice

17. What is Widdershins? counter clockwise motion

18. What is Deosil? clockwise motion

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