Arianna's Beginning Wicca Classroom Quiz # 1

Begin the Quiz here. When you finish answering the questions and before you hit submit, right click on the page and print yourself a copy of your answers. When you hit submit you will be directed to a page with the answers that I have found to be the most accurate.

1. Name the Four Elements?

2. What is the purpose of a magickal name?

3. The Sun represents the:

4. The Moon represents the:

5. Where is thought that the Pentagram originated?

6. What is scrying?

7. What are the 3 aspects of the triple Goddess?
  sun, moon, earth
  light, medium, dark
  maiden, mother, crone
  earth, air, water
  love, light, laughter

8. What is an Esbat?

9. What is a Sabbat?

10. What does the word Beltaine mean?
  Bright Fire
  The time of planting

11. What does the pentacle symbolize?

12. How many Witches in a Coven?
  20 or more
  Up to 13
  Fewer than 20

13. What is a Book of Shadows?

14. What do you traditionally connect with in the Ostara ritual?
  Another person
  An animal
  A plant
  The elements

15. What is your preferred name to call upon the Goddess?

16. What is your preferred name to call upon the God?

17. What is Widdershins?

18. What is Deosil?

The last two questions will be emailed to me so that I can see your suggestions and your feelings about your path.

19. Give me one suggestion for a future lesson you would like to see in the classroom?

20. What does Wicca mean to you?

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