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Arianna Moonlightshadow

I am 30 yrs. old and married with two little boys. They are 4yrs. and 6 yrs. old. I am a stay at home mom and I enjoy building webpages and helping others learn more about the wiccan path.

I come from a strict Christian background and the community I live in is right in the middle of the Bible Belt. So, I have to keep my Wiccan religion pretty much in the closet. That's one of the reasons I started looking for others to talk to on the internet. I am a survivor of sexual abuse as a child from a man in my parent's church. I went through many years of deep depression and self-hatred. When I got married, I was still involved in Christianity but I was not happy. I went through suicide attempts and great despair. When I found Wicca, I learned how to deal with my pain and to care about myself and others better. It has helped me to learn how to take control of my life and has taught me how to gain strength through the troubles of life. I haved learned to love life and pay attention to the wonderful natural world around me.

I am a solitary practitioner and do not follow one particular style of Wicca. I like being open to learning all kinds of new things. That is one of the drawing points of Wicca for me is that it is an ongoing learning experience. The Goddess and the God have a great deal to teach us if we listen. I enjoy my Wiccan path completely. I practice rituals, spells (positive only), read tarot, read runes, and look for what I can learn around me. I have enjoyed getting involved in the Wiccan community on the net through these clubs, class, and our new wiccan community site. I am enjoying getting to know everyone and helping our members learn more about Wicca. You'll find that I will do everything that I can to make these clubs a warm and friendly environment to learn about the Wiccan Path. I will always be availiable to you through the clubs, classroom, and e-mail. If you ask, I will respond and find you an answer if I don't know. If you have any problems in the clubs or classroom, don't hesitate to ask, I will do everything that I can to make it better. I look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing some wonderful experiences in this circle.

Brightest Blessings to All,

Arianna Moonlightshadow

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