Club Member's Suggestions for Candles

This page will give club member's suggestions for magickal uses, color correspondences, and recipes for making Candles. If you would like to offer a suggestion, please fill out the Submission Form at the bottom. Thank you.

Magickal Correspondences of Colors for Candles

White Candles:

All Purpose, purity, Goddess, protection

Black Candles:

banishing, releasing negativity

Red Candles:

Fire Element, God, passion, strength, power

Purple Candles:

Healing of Serious Disease, spirituality, insight, psychic strength

Blue Candles:

Water element, Healing, peace, calm, meditation

Orange Candles:


Yellow Candles:

Air element, Study, knowledge,

Green Candles:

Earth element, Money, prosperity, material things

Pink Candles:

Friendship, love, handfasting

Brown Candles:

Animal spells, Court, Justice

Gold Candles:


Silver Candles:


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