Arianna's Beginning Wicca Samhain Tribute 2000

IngridAnn3's Samhain Tribute

Samhaim is a time to elebrate the life and death for those who have passed on. It brings to mind my gret grandmother who died a 91 last year after battleling cancer for years, lived alone and maintained a home and yard, but was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died 3 months after her diagnosos. Though lived as Christian, she was a wise and very determined and proud woman. Believed tha women should make their own paths and do what is best for her children and importantly herself (felt if the male wasn't going to contribute than he was waste and and obstacle) I loved her very much and learned alot from her, she was very well respected and was one tough cookie. I like to think that I have her intellect and intuition an strong will. Since at the time of Samhaim, where those that have passed are closest to those who haven't I like to remeber her in hope that she knows what an impact, and lgacy she has left for her granddaughters.

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