Arianna's Beginning Wicca Samhain Tribute 2000

Patricia's Samhain Tribute

I too would like to honor my Grandfather. My Grandparents raised me from the time I was two. My Grandfathers name was Arthur James Herbert. He was a Pagan though he tried hard not to let any one know. He was a Spanish war veteran. Part of the rough riders in that Cuban war. He always said we should have kept Cuba as than they would have been free and a state of the USA. My Grandfather was the first to tell me about the God and Goddess. At the time I had just been kicked out of the Nazarene church because of seeing Auras. Grandpa was all ways there for me and I have come to think of him as a God or at least Saint. I never knew him to tell a lie or hurt any one for any reason. When he passed on he had been the third living Spanish American war veteran. Many people honored him.

I feel his presents in my life. I believe him to be one of my spiritual guides. May the God and Goddess be with and protect him for all eternity.

Blessed Be Grandpa


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