Arianna's Beginning Wicca Samhain Tribute 2000

Niki's Samhain Tribute To Her Nana

I would like to honor my grandmother, Nana, our family and friends all called her that.

She was a Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother.

All of my life Nana lived with us. We would have been a single parent family if it wasn't for Nana.

My mother worked a lot and Nana stayed home and took care of us.

Nana did all the things and more, that a stay at home mom would do.

She took very good care of us and even let us kids make messes, when we played, she would play right along with us and would help us clean them up before my mother got home. Because my mother hated messes and would not be happy with us.

We were never alone, we never even seen a daycare or had a babysitter. Nana was available 24/7 for us. Nana loved children, all of our neighbors and friends would ask her to watch their kids too.

She loved animals especially cats and dogs, but she loved watching the birds outside too. We had lots of pets to keep her rather busy as well, but she never complained.

She liked the simple things in life:
Listening to music
Taking care of others

Her favorite thing was dancing, her favorite music was country and anything by Elvis, but if it had a good beat to it she'd dance to it, even if it was modern and hip.

About ten or so years before she died, her diabetes got worse and she had to have both her legs amputated a year apart. She was then confined to a wheelchair and required a lot of care.

Thanks to my sister, known here as woodspright1, between the two of us, we where able to keep Nana at home and care for her.

Nana continued to dance even in her wheelchair and except for walking was able to still enjoy all her favorite things.

Nana passed away May 6, 1997, at the age of 81. This was a lot longer than the doctor's expected.

I know wherever Nana is she is dancing and singing, probably with Elvis.

I love you Nana and always will.

Here is an amazing story about Nana:

Before Nana died, her window faced the back of our shed and back yard. Behind the shed was a twig or something.

My mother was going to go out and pull it out, but my Nana told her it was a cherry tree and if she would pull the wood out from around it, it would grow. They argued about this back and forth.

The wood was never pulled up and the twig remained untouched. It remained a twig, until right after my Nana died.

The twig rapidly grew, very amazingly, over night into a cherry tree.

We had to sell the house after that but wanted to take the cherry tree with us, but when my mother explained the story to the police officer and his wife who bought the house. They where both so amazed they ask for the tree to remain where it was.

So as far as I know it remains hidden behind the shed.

I thought you all would enjoy this story.



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