The Noctura Circle of Power Initiation Rite

1. Purify yourself with a ritual bath. This is the same as what you did for step 1 of Initiation.

2. Dress comfortably and if possible go to a natural setting where you won't be disturbed. Take only a white piece of paper that you have written the following on:

I consecrate myself for Initiation into the Noctura Circle of Power. I will keep all that is shared within the Coven in silence and will not share with those who are uninitiated. I will offer my energy of love and light to all within this Circle and I will receive the Circle's energy of love and light in return. In Perfect Love & In Perfect Trust am I initiated. So Mote It Be!

3. When you have arrived at the place you will perform your Rite of Initiation, sit quietly taking in nature around you. Meditate and relax yourself. Think on the wondrous journey that you are about to take with a Coven Family. Stand and cast a circle of energy around you with your projective hand (this is the hand you write with). Call upon the Deities however you desire. Invoke the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Take the paper you have brought and with the sincerity of your heart declare to the Deities your intent of Initiation by reading the words you have written. Let yourself feel the energy of light from the Deities surround you. After a moment of contemplation, thank the Elements and the Deities. With your projective hand, pull the energy out of the circle and back into yourself. The Rite of Initiation has been Completed. Celebrate your new path with your Coven Friends by doing something special for yourself.

4. Send the Coven Founder an e-mail that you have completed your rite and describe your experience. Then you will proceed to the final step # 5.

Love and Light,