Initiation for The Noctura Circle of Power Coven

1. Purification of Self: Take a ritual bath with oils and candles or anything else that is relaxing and calming. Listen to some peaceful and calming music. Meditate. Think on what you desire from the coven and what you hope to contribute to it.

2. Declaration of Intent: Write down what you desire from the coven and what you hope to contribute to our Coven Circle. Meditate and think deeply about your response. When you have it written the way you wish it to be seen, send it to the Coven Founder, Arianna at

3. Discussion with Coven Founder: We will discuss your letter of intent through e-mail correspondences. When You and the Founder feel that initiation into the Coven will be beneficial to your Wiccan growth and positive for the growth of the Coven, you will proceed to the next step.

4. The Initiation Rite: This will be e-mailed to you upon completion of steps 1 - 3 of the Initiation process.

5. After you have notified the Coven Founder that you have completed your Initiation Rite, you will be e-mailed your password and web address for the Coven Noctura. You will be given instructions for using the Coven Forum and Chat. Your magickal name, message to the coven, and e-mail will be added to the Coven Initiates List. The coven will welcome you with open arms In Perfect Love & In Perfect Trust.

Love and Light,