Alexandra's Shadow

     Night had just fallen, the city began to cool from a hot summer day. Life in the city had changed from busy hrried crowds to wanderers of the night seeking for something to fill the void in their mundane lives. Some sought it in the nightclubs, some on the streets, and some in violence. The shadows mixed among the bright neon lights throughout the cityscape. The air was filled with sounds of laughter, cars, music, and screams in the night.

     This was the atmosphere that Alexandra walked out into after a long day of work. She was only interested in getting home to relax in a warm bath surrounded by the glow of dancing candles. Alexandra was a nurse and had spent the day taking care of everyone else and now it was time to take care of herself for a while. These are the thoughts that occupied her mind as she starting walking home.

     She had walked home to her highrise apartment many times without too much worry or trouble. She knew about the dangers of the city but that thought was not with her at that moment. On this warm evening, Alexandra did not notice the two shadows watching and following her every step. There was perhaps even more to this night than she ever realized. Nearly to her apartment, she ran into construction on her normal path home and decided to take a shortcut through a dark alleyway. She didn't like going this way but wanted to just get home quickly, so down the alley she more hurriedly walked now.

     The alley was dreary and frightening as she walked through it. She began to feel like she was being followed and walked even faster. The sensation of fear was overtaking her, as she looked back. She suddenly came face to face with one dark shadow and then another behind her. Kicking and trying to scream, they pulled her into a dark corner of the alley. It seemed hopeless as she was lost in her sea of fear.

     All at once, one of the attackers was jerked away by an unknown force. There was a deafening silence as the other man looked around in bewilderment. He called to his companion but there was nothing to be heard. Alexandra stayed frozen and confused on the ground. Then the dark shadow came again and swept away the other man screaming and cursing. All that was left was silence and the night sounds of the city. It was over almost as suddenly as it had began.